We Want the Same Thing as You

We want to help your business grow. This is why we help companies with their most important part: their marketing and sales. And we do this through the power of the web, which is where all our clients are every single day.

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We can help you if

You Care About Your Clients

We have a driving philosophy in business: integrity before anything. We take each client at heart, and we only want their success. In exchange, we expect the same from the people and companies we work for.

You're Ready to Build & Grow

We aren't going to play around with you. We will tell you exactly what you're doing wrong and help you set up systems and processes to maximize your efficiency, and have a real impact on your bottom line.

You're an e-Com or a Local Service Business

We can't help everyone. And we won't try to be everything to everyone. What we do, instead, is work on businesses we are sure to get results for. And these businesses are e-Commerces and Local Services.

We can help you with

Your Business Strategy

Your sales and marketing strategy makes the difference between life and death for your business. This is where we thrive the most.

Your Branding

The gut feeling and essence of your company, which creates the trust needed to make your clients buy from you.

Your Funnel (Website)

Your Funnel - a.k.a. Website is How You Convert traffic. It's where your branding and strategy come alive and your business grows through the traffic we will generate.

Traffic Generation

Traffic is the Movement of People Toward Your Product. Some already want it, and are ready to buy - others need to be nurtured and convinced. There are many ways to get it - and we start where it matters most for your particular business to bring you fast results.

The Vision

Of course we want to build an amazing-looking website. We want to have an appealing branding and online presence.

Of course we need to drive traffic to our conversion points.

We need to drive traffic, qualified prospects, to our website all the time. And we need to hone our website and social media presence to work like our best-performing salesman.

But what we really need to do is create better businesses.

Better businesses for ourselves, for the people who work with us, for our clients, for the planet, for the world.

We have to innovate. To do things differently. To make a difference in the world.

Our purpose is to help great entrepreneurs to develop life and world-changing businesses through the power of the web.

How We Work

Analysis & Strategy

Before we start working on your project, we always create a great analysis and strategy.

With the knowledge we gather, we can go deep in the psychology of your market and understand how to create your online marketing and sales system.

Online Funnels (Websites & Social Media)

This is the meat of your online strategy - our specialty. Your funnel converts the traffic you get inside of it. It's your sales machine, your 24 hour salesman.

Online Ads

When it comes to ads, we use Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Facebook Ads to drive instant traffic and start making our website convert right away.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The other way to appear on Google is to grow organically, which can a bit (okay, a lot) more time.

However, when it's done well, a lot of free, targeted traffic is coming our way. It also has the greatest traffic potential of all.

Content Strategy & Execution

The last piece of the puzzle is the content and interaction strategy.

This is where we come to find the largest pool of possible clients. We do this by creating a content plan, posting them, and putting way in place for you to interact with your followers on social media.

Analytics & Testing

After all is said and done, we thoroughly analyze the marketing and sales systems of our company constantly.

We test and improve our website, our ads, our content, as well as our SEO to insure we are always growing and learning from the data we have.

Our pricing depends on the work that needs to be done. For websites, we do an estimate in hours, and our hourly rate is CAD87$. For the ads, content creation, and SEO, we function as a per-month service package. For a Free Estimation of Your Project, Please Contact Us.

What's most interesting is that if we look around, everyone is on their smartphone and computer, all the time. That's where our customers are, and we need to find them and show them that we have the best solutions to solve their problems.

Where Are You When Your Client's Searching for You?

Did you know that there's a client looking for your product right now? There are clients which have been looking for a product right like yours all day.

All week long, you've been missing out on sales. And all because you went missing when your client was looking for you.

Never go missing again. Register now to receive our FREE Booklet where we will teach you exactly how people buy and how to put yourself right in front of them when they do.

We'll also teach you the meat and potatoes behind funnels and online ads, and how to start creating a great online strategy.

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